I've been following Jordan Reid's progress into the world of blogging since before she was a blogger. Back in my hey-day of fun, I was a sort-of graphic designer and did some unpaid work for Julia Allison of NonSociety. Jordan was on the outskirts of their group back then, but as she got pulled into their blazer wearing posse, she quickly became the standout star. Jordan has qualities about her which you don't find in many women. Simply put: I should really hate Jordan. She's smart, funny, creative, a great writer, and you know, did something I've always dreamed of doing (no, not owning a house, THAT will never happen!): writing a book (and now two!). Like I said, I really should loathe her. But...I don't. I adore Jordan and her work. Jordan is the every-women, if the every-women wore stripes and leopard print to a meeting, and walked around Manhattan in a superhero costume. She's unbelievably friendly (I've emailed her to discuss what crib to buy, relationship issues, fashion and home help!), and honest. But, what I like most about Jordan is that she is 100% authentic. She has flaws, and she calls herself out on them. She has marriage spats, and she discusses them. She has fears, and she shares them. Not for nothing, but her three-month-check-in post pretty much got me through my first three months with my son.

Which is why, when Jordan announced she was writing a book, when I normally would say, "What! Another stupid blogger got a book deal?!" I instead said, "Oh my god! Jordan got a book deal! I am so so excited for her!" I've never actually met Ms. Reid in person, but I consider her a friend (true confession: when my husband and I emailed everyone to let them know Weston's sex after the sonogram, she was on my list and responded right away!). And, of course, Jordan's book, Ramshackle Glam: The New Mom's Haphazard Guide to (Almost) Having It All lives up to everything Jordan always accomplishes.

Jordan takes you through the entire spectrum of new parenthood. From pregnancy woes and fears, to maternity fashion; then, onto labor, delivery and breastfeeding...and married life post baby; she also touches on how to make your life feel wonderful, even if you don't; fashion post baby; baby food, and easy adult recipes to make; and also, how to accomplish everything you want, even with a haphazard life. Whereas most "mommy books" totally miss the mark ("Nap when the baby naps!"), Jordan totally gets it. She knows how hard life can be, and how hard it is to get out of bed some days. She's honest, compassionate, and the helping hand most new moms need. She's the older sister/best friend every woman needs.

My only complaint? She needs to make an audiobook! I'm going to buy this for every new mom friend I have, but I'm worried they won't have the time to read it...an audiobook would solve that issue!

Do yourself a favor and get a copy of Jordan's book; it will become a much loved, dog-eared, staple of a book for the new generations of mamas.


  1. This is a great review - I'm looking forward to reading the book as I'm a big fan and follower of Jordan as well.

    The only thing I want to say is this: I don't understand why reviews of Jordan always say she's "a girl I (or we) should hate"....? I know how you mean it and I'm not trying to be overly critical, but I've read this about her in more than one review or bio.

    I guess my comment isn't even Jordan-specific really, but I just think we should move away from the concept of needing to hating women because they're funny, or nice, or successful, etc. (or using it as a colloquial proxy for how cool they are). In a world where language is seriously important, I just wanted to make that point.

    Again, lovely review and your words make me want to read Jordan's book even more!! :)


  2. Tara, I agree with you, totally! I think this is more from my own personal thing: Jordan has accomplished many things that I am striving to....and I would normally be jealous of her, or any woman who accomplishes goals of mine, but I'm simply proud of her, and happy for her instead. I guess, I was taking a more personal view of it, than general...but I 100% see and agree with your point!