Sometimes when this "parent-holiday season" comes around, we lose track of time and find ourselves rushing around last minute to get a gift. I put together this list of gifts which are really easy to find...I used stores which we have at our local mall, and only "shopped" from those stores for this list. I also tried to chose gifts which have some meaning, especially to us new moms!
  1. A new spring bag: I love these totes from Gap (brown leather, and coral) and Banana Republic (striped), as they are a perfect switch out from your winter bag, to a Spring-Summer bag that could easily hold all of your items, as well as baby/kid items. Both the Gap totes come in a variety of Summery colors; and I love that those totes have long and short handles. 
  2. A wonderfully fun beach hat: if she's anything like me, than the mom you're buying for enjoys long boardwalk strolls, reading in the garden, and playing at the beach with her kids. She deserves a classic, gorgeous hat to protect her beauteous skin! (Both Gap, Border Stripe and Navy Stripe)
  3. What mom doesn't need a watch? I love these three designs because they are FUN. I love the pastel colors and hello, chevron! (peach, black, and aqua)
  4. Of course, you cannot go wrong with a monogram necklace or bracelet--but the real question is: your child's initial or hers (I would want a W!)? (top bracelet, orange cuff, chain bracelet, monogram necklace, block monogram necklace)
What are some quick gifts you could pick up for the mom in your life? 

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