Driving sans bambino!
As a new mom, and a working mom, as well, I have very little time no time to myself. The only time I have to myself is twice a day: the car ride after I drop Weston at my mom's, and the car ride after school to pick him up. Therefore, I never take this time for granted, and always make the most of it. How do I make the most of my precious commute? By listening to Podcasts! There have been some Podcasts I've been listening to lately which I absolutely love; I've obviously been a fan of Podcasts about parenting, but, because I have no time to read anymore (and we know how much I used to read!), by keeping up with my Podcasts, I feel like my brain is still growing and learning. These are some of my favorite ones to listen to; I rotate through them, depending on topic, time, etc.

The Longest Shortest Time: I don't remember how I came across TLST, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that it saved my heart many a nights. The whole premise behind Hillary Frank's amazing Podcast is that it is for new parents, up at 3:00am...to not feel so alone! And, it worked. I used to rock Weston, while I had headphones in, listening to show after show, and felt like I had a friend who understood what I was going through. I am a huge fan of Ms. Frank and feel like she is single handedly changing the rules and regulations about what new parents are "allowed" to discuss. Any parent, or soon-to-be-parent should most definitely tune in to TLST!

Parenting Unplugged Radio: If you need a good laugh, or need a fast-paced, witty, and yet, educational Podcast, I highly recommend tuning in to Todd and Laura Mansfield's conversations about raising children, marriage, and life. I love the banter, the raw, gritty discussions, and the topics which totally make you think! Sometimes it is a little out there, but there is always a lesson to be learned, an interesting interview to ponder, or some great questions to bring back to your home.

Stuff Mom Never Told You: You know those girls in school who were super friendly and seemed to know everything about everything? That is Caroline and Cristen. They cover amazingly interesting topics, and they cover every single detail! It's like a history-sociology-best friend lesson in one. I love the topics they discuss, and I always learn something new without even realizing it. They're fun, quick, and witty to listen to.

The Paleo View: As a paleo-lover, I am a big fan of Stacy and Sarah's discussions about life, parenthood, marriage, working parenthood, and...yes, cooking. Not every single topic is about leading a paleo lifestyle, but I love how they interject a paleo lifestyle into their topics. They're friendly, fun to listen to, and educational without being preachy!

Other Podcasts I Love:

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