One of the things people constantly say to Eric and I is, "Wow, Weston looks like an adult!" It's funny me, he never really seemed "baby-like." From three months on I put sneakers on him, he's always worn blue-jeans, and we, well, dress him like a grown up man! I never thought I'd have so much fun dressing a little guy, but I have to admit: it's more fun than I ever thought, and I take much more pleasure and joy in planning his seasonal wardrobe than in planning my own! Weston is growing like a weed, and has super long legs, so summertime was a little tricky to plan for--do I buy swim shorts in 6-9 months or 12-18? In June, when we swim he will be 9 months old, but wearing probably 9-12 month (he's in 6-9/9-12 now!). BUT, in August when we swim, he'll be a year old! Needless to say, since the swim shorts were on sale (I only buy Baby Gap on sale!), I bought them in two sizes. Unlike with baby girls, I can't put my little man in short-shorts, so I have to be aware of the length and size of his shorts. As for shirts and onesies, I always go to old faithful: H&M. These are soft, cotton, and totally adorable. The shorts are from Baby Gap and Old Navy. The shoes are Old Navy, and the cap is H&M (and um, insanely cute on him, see: below). I'm planning on spending lots and lots of time outside with him this summer, so I wanted to get easy to wash and wear, and easy to pack clothing. I'll probably keep a bag for the beach/pool in the car at all times!

PS. I can't say enough good things about the H&M baby clothing. It's so, so soft, washes so well, and is incredibly well priced.

PPS. Other clothing he wears!


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