I've thought a lot about this post; I've thought about each and every one of my new mom friends, and my internet-mom-friends...what do new moms really, truly want for Mother's Day? I'm a little odd I guess because, while I love flowers, don't need them in the house (and uh, don't even own a vase!). They take upkeep, and that's something I don't have time for. But, there are some gifts that a new mom does covet; from the big to the small, there are a few ways that anyone can make a new mom feel incredibly loved and mostly, appreciated, on their very first Mother's Day.

1. A Morning to Herself: When you have a baby, free time becomes a valuable currency (and you're living in a land full of debt!). What all moms need is a little time for themselves to simply think their own thoughts (remember those?). So, put together a nice morning for them: schedule her a blow-out at your local blow-dry-bar (we have a Blow & Co and an Aire Blow Dry Bar in Huntington). Pay for it in advance, so they don't need to worry about that. Get them a giftcard to the local coffee shop (or Starbucks), so that they can enjoy a hot cup of coffee during their blowout (hot coffee? what's that?). Send them off with a stack of magazines (People, Oprah, Style, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, Time...) to enjoy while they drink their coffee. I guarantee, after a morning like that, she will feel like a totally new human being.

2. Sleep: While we're talking about time, let's discuss the best gift of all: sleep! Let her sleep in! I'm not talking about half an hour, I'm talking, let her sleep in as long as she pleases. Take the kids out of the room, downstairs and feed them, play with them, be the wonderful parent we all know you are. Hear the TV? Don't come a'running. Hear her on the phone? Don't come a'knocking. Hear her catching up on her favorite podcasts? Stay away! Let her come to you all. She deserves a leisurely morning sometimes, too. Better yet? Kick it up a notch by buying her a new book to read in bed, or some magazines. Have coffee ready when she comes downstairs--or...even better: take the kids OUT to get her breakfast, so she can actually roam her own house without someone needing her for three seconds.

3. Honor Her Dreams: Does your partner have a dream that she is striving for, even with little time on her hands? Indulge her dreams. Does she want to be a writer? Buy her a keyboard for her iPad so she can type in bed, buy her some apps for her phone to generate writing ideas, buy her a new pen, or at the least, give her some coupons she can cash in on for nightly writing time. Does your partner want to be a singer? Invest in some web-singing-classes, get her some books on singing (or music). Does your partner want to be a chef? Get her some specific cookbooks to her style, or a custom apron...catch my drift? The point is, you're believing in their dreams, and that is all she will care about.

4. Write Her A Letter: Not to brag, but Eric is an amazing letter writer; he writes letters instead of cards, and I cry each time I read one. These letters mean more to me than any gift (okay, maybe not more than sleep, but...they used to! Ha.). Sometimes in the chaotic daily lives we have, we forget to appreciate each other, thank each other, and be grateful for the other person. Take some time to tell them how you really feel and acknowledge how much they do for you, the children, the house, etc. All we want as new moms is someone to notice how hard we work!

5. The Gift Gift: Sometimes, it is nice to just get a lovely gift for the person you love. When it comes to mothers, it can be hard, as we're often on the go, not wearing much jewelry, and don't get dressed up much. But, there are some pieces of jewelry new moms would love! Anything with your child's birthstone on it would be a winner (triple points if it has her birthstone, as well as the baby's). Monogrammed gifts are always wonderful (I love having W on my jewelry). Maybe there's something she's been asking for for the house...like, maybe a bed (ahem, ahem...Hi, Eric!), because the one you have is too small...(Hi, Eric!)...anyway, point being: maybe there's a new painting/mirror/chair/kitchen item she's been coveting. Has she been making homemade baby food? Get her a food processor (yes, sometimes we even get excited about food processors!) or blender. Has she been trying to take her health seriously? Get her a gift basket of healthy treats (coconut flour, Enjoy Life chocolate chips, agave/honey, almond flour, cupcake liners, dark chocolate...).

My point is this: think about whom you're buying the gift for. I promise, you are with the mother of your child because she is a creative, smart, wonderful woman, and before she was up 56 times a night, she used to have amazingly brilliant things to say: remember that woman. 
Think about what she would want. 

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  1. This is EXACTLY what new moms want! For my first mothers day, Mike got up to give Eli all the feedings. I still had to get up and pump, but it was bliss to not have to think or change diapers or anything like that. I even wore ear plugs and slept in the guest room so I definitely was not disturbed. :)