Necklace on left: Quake Necklace, $40; Top Necklace: Out Of This World Necklace, $60; Middle Necklace: Avaida Necklace, $60; Bottom Necklace: LINX Necklace, $50  
I'm going to be honest with you all for a second: I'm so not a jewelry person. I mean, I love what I love, but I have an extremely small amount of jewelry for someone my age (I think), and I just feel like if something works for me, I don't need to have much more. However, when I was browsing Etsy and came across the Raw Brass Arrowhead Earrings from Lone Wolf Jewelry, I knew I had to have them. I contacted the owner, Kate, and she was so lovely and let me have the pair for my photoshoot with Molly Leon Photography. The earrings were the perfect accompaniment to my simple jeans and black shirt. They glistened in the sun and brought out the gold tones in my skin. They are so well made, sturdy, and could easily be dressed up or down. 

Lone Wolf Jewelry is a one of a kind store; Kate has such an original design for her pieces, and this "jewelry isn't a necessity" lady wants every single one of her items! Kate is a fellow Huntington lady, and I am so excited to be featuring her on Lovely today. Mostly, I just love the motto of Lone Wolf Jewelry, "For the smart, daring, youthful huntress who is ready to take on the world. " How could you not love a store with that motto? 

Kate is an awesome store owner, and is offering first time shoppers a free Full Moon ring with every first purchase! How could you turn that down? Oh, and better yet...Kate is offering Lovely readers a 15% discount! Just use the code spring15 to get 15% off your purchase.  So, get shopping

Earrings on Left: Maya Earrings, $38; Bracelet: Anya Bracelet, $38; Ring: Full Moon Ring, $20

Photos by Molly Leon Photography; earrings c/o Lone Wolf Jewelry

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