Lauren singing to Frozen, while Gabe chews on a spoon.

One of the reasons I love the internet age we're in is that I've made some awesome "mommy friends" online. Lauren is one of those mom friends, and I followed her throughout her pregnancy with the amazingly handsome Gabe, and when I became pregnant, she was a go-to-gal for questions and help. Lauren writes the wonderful Better in Real Life, and is a working mama to her 15 month old son. You can also find Lauren on Twitter and Facebook

Take it away, Lauren!

What is your favorite type of music? 
My favorite time of music is anything with a good beat. I am not picky, I love interesting, off the radio tunes all the way to the most generic pop. Bring on all the music!!

What music got you through your early days of motherhood? Any specific songs? Why?

BeyoncĂ© x 10000000. Gabe and I would routinely dance around in our living room. He took to music super early on and would rave his arms, wiggle his bottom, even in the first 2 months. In the beginning I found it strange to talk to him. He didn't feel like a real person yet, more like a puppy. Talking to him just didn't come naturally to me when he was a newborn. But I had no problem singing to him! All of the nursery rhymes and then I would make up my own songs about whatever we were doing. Sing sing sing sing constantly. It kept him calm and kept me entertained.

Kamel, Lauren's husband, and Gabe
Did/do you sing any special songs to your little one? 

Well now that he is in daycare, walking, running, and starting to speak, he will come home with new things he's learned. He waggles his finger at us and requests to sing "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" and he will pinch his fingers together above his head and request "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." There has always been and will always be a little of singing in this house. Mostly in the moment silly songs.

Did you partner have any music that helped him/her through the early days? Was it different than your musical taste?

Kamel, my husband, doesn't really sing to Gabe as much as I do. We listen to music as a family, but when they are alone I think he mostly talks to him, plays actively with him. He would even give our newborn fake tours of our apartment, making up funny facts. I was more involved with dancing and singing and flipping Gabe around and doing the chacha. Kamel more wants to get on the carpet and roll around with him. haha.

What music do you play for your baby now? 

Now we have a bed time routine with a kids channel on apple radio. We play a Spanish/English radio. We start playing it about 30 minutes before bed time and on the TV is a slideshow of a bunch of family photos. We sing along, dance a little, but mostly it's about snuggling and listening to tunes.

What music do you hope your child likes? 

Gabe loves loves loves to dance and he dances to most anything, so I don't have a lot of hopes. I'm mostly just excited to see who he becomes and we'll support whatever that is.

What music/songs are/were you excited to introduce to your baby/child? 

There is a hip hop/break dancing class a few blocks from us that once he turns 2 we can participate in and I am DYING to take him. It looks so hilariously awesome.

Lauren is a writer and editor living in Seattle. She believes that adventures don't have to cost gobs of money and can be found in the little things. She challenges everyone to take risks and do things that scare them. She often wants to know: What is your epic epicness?

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