I'm so excited about today's Music and Motherhood guest writer because she is someone who has made a giant impact on my life. Liza was not only my teacher for my years (as was her husband!), but a true mentor, and has helped me figure out life issues numerous times in these last 10 (!) years since I graduated high school. Liza is an incredibly busy and influential mom, as well as...a gorgeous singer and musician. The lady does it all! You can find her on her blog, or on twitter. Take it away, Liza--

Who are you? What's your website? Who is/are your little one(s)? 

I'm Liza and I blog at Marathon B4 Mastectomy; my little ones are Joli (10), Jada (8) and Evan (5)

What is your favorite type of music?
My favorite is R&B, pop and, lately, show tunes! The kids and I have been listening to Wicked and Once on This Island non-stop these days!

What music got you through your early days of motherhood? Any specific songs? Why?
Oh boy. What got me through those early days? Well, what got my KIDS through those early days was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star like a billion times. That was Joli. Jada loved "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine." I still have to sing that to her when she's sad or mad. I have some great video of Jada singing "No One" by Alicia Keys. I think it might even be on Facebook somewhere! Evan was more Top 40s and loved "Too Late to Apologize" by One Republic (I think that's who sings it). Dang, that child made me sing that song over and over and over again. Still does. What got me through? Lauryn Hill's Miseducation of Lauryn Hill saved me every single day. Especially her song "Zion". It was so beautiful and still brings me to tears because she got pregnant and people basically kept telling her that a child was going to "ruin her career." Yea, really hit me hard.

Did/do you sing any special songs to your little one?
Now, we sting all the time. ALL the time. Joli is obsessed with P!NK and that makes me so happy. She loves all of her songs especially 'Don't let me get me" and "Perfect." Jada is way more into oldies R&B -- she can tell you who sings a song within a few notes -- like Michael Jackson or Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder. That's all Jorge's doing. Evan makes me play "The Lorax" way too many times. I think he likes that the song is about "being bad." haha!

Did/do you sing any special songs to your little one?
Yea, the kids still like their go-to songs when they are having a bad day. It's pretty awesome how that turned out!

Did you partner have any music that helped him/her through the early days? Was it different than your musical taste?
Jorge was insistent about introducing old school music to the kids. I'm super thankful, because if it wasn't for him, my kids would be total Jonas Bros freaks. He brought us back to our sanity with the old school people.

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