When I was a little girl, I remember sitting on my parents bed, with a notebook and pencil. I couldn't really write well, but I was making up stories. I recalled my fiction to my mother, something along the lines of, "there was a little girl who wanted a cookie, but her mean mother said no!" My mother laughed and said, "Is this a true story?" to which I replied, "I take a little bit from here and there..." I've always loved telling stories, and sharing my personal stories. I'm an open book (if you couldn't tell) about pretty much most things in my life. I've always been a writer; journals, essays, short stories, even some not-completed novels. However, I've always put it on the back burner. When the Rookie Moms hired me to write for them, it changed my mindset (and life) in so many ways. Hey, I can do this! I thought to myself. And thus, the next chapter of my life began. I'm now a contributing writer for three websites, as well as writing here, and on many other amazing blogs and websites. It's a small start, but I'm determined to get my voice into the world...and maybe someday, actually make my dream of writing a book come true (working title: Always Keep Tampons in the Diaper Bag.)

Finally, with the help of Jenny and Molly Leon Photography, my writing has it's own little corner of the universe. I love the simplicity of my new website, and how clean it looks! Don't worry, I'll still be posting all my blog entries here, the new website is simply just a landing page for all my links. A modern day resume, have you. I'm so excited to be writing and sharing my stories, so this website is the culmination of many years of words floating around in my head, finally being written down on paper.

Now, here's were I would love your help! One of the most important aspects of being a writer in this modern age is getting your work out there on the internet. So, I have a proposition to make: if you help me get my words into the universe, you will be entered to win a $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card! Need a good book this summer? Here's your chance to download (or you know, buy in print) some great beach reads! Entering is so simple, and there's many ways to put your name in the virtual bucket!

How simple is it to enter? Check out my writing, choose an article (or two!) which tickles your fancy, and go Tweet it, post it, blog it, Facebook it, IG it...that's it! Check out the widget below for the official entry form:

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