Lovelies, we made it--it's Summertime! Almost. School is almost, almost over for the year, and that, to any teacher, is the official start of summer.

I've been posting frequently on here about big topics (breastfeeding, paleo babies, thinking globally about parenting), but realized, it's been a while since we posted about the little things happening in our lives. The mundane, the every day, the happy, calm, boring things. So, what's been going on by us?

  • Weston is now standing, and holding on to things while he walks! It's so super exciting, but also tiring! He's incredibly active, and boy oh boy, does the boy love to get into everything. He climbed into the laundry basket the other night! 

Screen shot of Married at First Sight
  • Haven't heard from Jenny for a while? She's been busy, you know...working at her dream job (graphic design!), and waiting for her new television show to premiere! What?! Yup. Cheerleader For Love, our very own Jenny, is going to be officiating weddings on a new A&E special called Married at First Sight! So exciting! 
  • Have you been reading our Music and Motherhood posts? I love all the interviews!
  • Father's Day is this weekend! Eric and I started a tradition of getting the other one a children's book (from Weston) for holidays, check out these unique children's books about dads
  • Weston's swim class starts in two weeks and I am sans swimsuit. I want a tankini, but I haven't found any I loved (I haven't looked that hard, either...). 
  • I really want a jersey maxi skirt for the summer, something with a banded top, and a full skirt...for those hot days that I don't feel like wearing jean shorts. Any suggestions? 

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  1. So happy to have you as a contributor:) And you've inspired me to hit the garage sales in coming weeks - can't believe how much you got for $60! Also, I love that children's book gift idea too.