August 8th was National Happiness Happens Day, and Happy Family Organic Superfoods have started an incredibly fun campaign asking us all, "what makes you happy?" Bloggers from all over were asked to share what makes them happy and for the duration of August, Happy Family Brands will be tweeting these stories, as well as sharing them on their Facebook and Pinterest. (PS. Don't forget to enter your happiness happens moment in their giveaway, to win one of three wonderful prizes!)

I'll be sharing my little moments of happiness today, but I would love to know: what has made you happy lately? What little tiny thing has brought a smile to your face? I'd love to know! Tweet at me, and Happy Family Brands with hashtag #happinesshappens and let us know what makes you happy!

For me, recently, happiness happens in the quiet moments. Life with a very active almost one year old boy is busy, busy, busy! We rarely sit down; we're always singing, dancing, walking, crawling, climbing, and jumping. I love those moments. I relish them, I adore them. I soak up every moment with my little boy that I can, because I know someday he'll be taller than his mama, and have his own family. But, when the sun goes down, after dinner, after bath, and after bedtime (whenever that is!), the house starts to quiet down. The musical toys go to bed, my husband and I quietly chat, the kitchen gets cleaned, the clanging of pots and pans simmers down, and the hum of the world starts to ease.

It is at these moments that I take a deep breath, and let all the activities and craziness of the day seep into my soul. It is at these moments I take mental photographs of my son, my husband, my delicious coffee, my grandmother, my sister, my new books...whatever made me smile that day. I file these images away, and they fill my heart with such happiness. It is at these quiet moments which my happiness happens. The happiness of the day seeps down into my bones, filling them with memories I will never forget. From the mundane, of singing Twinkle Twinkle to my son, to the wonderful, like watching my son take his first steps. I let my eyes tear up with life, with joy, and with happiness.

Happiness happens for me, when the sun goes down, when my house is quiet, and when I can really feel it all, let it soak into my heart and soul. Happiness happens as I write my articles, listen to my music, and watch my incredibly adored and wonderful partner and smushy, funny baby boy cuddle up in bed, while they wait for me to finish up my dream job (writing about being a mama to that funny boy!), and come up to our warm and soft bed. Happiness happens in the silent moments, when I can close my eyes and let the scenes of my happy life dance before the darks of my eyes. Happiness happens when I can stand in a quiet room and hear my son's laughter and my husband's voice in my head.

Happiness happens in the still of the night.

This was a sponsored post on behalf of Happy Family Brands, but all opinions are mine!

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