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When reached out to bloggers to discuss their dreams and goals, I was on I love discussing what's happening in my mind, ha. is a company with one goal: to help its customers achieve their dreams. You can see more info about Kabbage here.

It's funny, there seems to be a trend happening in my circle of friends right now. Everyone seems to be switching careers faster than I can count. I asked a few of my girl friends why this might be and we all surmised that after college we were desperate for any job, and now...well, now we all want our dream jobs. I was one of the lucky ones who snagged my dream job after college (seriously, I used to dream about being a Latin teacher...seriously), and now, as life twists and turns, my dreams have changed. I feel like as kids we are always asked, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" but, we never ask ourselves at 29, "what do you want to do for the next phase of your life?"

Just a few weeks ago I was at a yard sale, and staring at me from the discarded book pile was a copy of Finding Your Dream Job for Dummies. For a second I had the reflex to go pick it up, but I stopped myself, and realized, woah: you are living your dream job, dummy. Since before I can remember I wanted to be a mom, and, as I realized throughout life, just giving birth to a baby doesn't necessarily make you a mother. Not everyone loves to be home with their child all day either, which I totally understand; but, for me? I love it, I thrive in it. I love taking care of Weston, and the house, and even making Eric's lunch for work. Does it get overwhelming and I cry sometimes? Um, yes. Does that mean it's not my dream job? Not in the least. Just this week I was totally and utterly overwhelmed because Mr. One Year Old wasn't napping; I thought I was going to lose my mind...but, as most kids are, the next day was better than the previous; one can never tell the mood of the day with a one year old in tow.

I'm also living out my dream writing. I've always wanted to be a writer, tell stories, interview people, and also share other people's stories...and now, I am. It hasn't been an easy road to get there, but I've really come to believe, as you open doors, more doors open. And teaching! Oh, teaching. My greatest passion. Now that I'm not in front of the classroom, I do miss it, but I'm so lucky to be working one-on-one with some amazing kids. I love learning new subjects with them, and helping their brains expand.

Will these always be my "dream jobs"? Who knows. But for now, they are. However, this Pisces isn't settled yet, and I have some lofty goals. I would love to write a book, start a magazine, have more kids (someday), and continue connecting with all the wonderful mamas I've been meeting in real life and on the internet. I think my list of goals is never ending, actually! Write a cookbook? Sure! Start a tutoring company? Sure! I love to have my hand in many pots, and there's just not enough hours in the day!

So, do tell: are you in your dream job? What is your dream job? What are your goals? I can't wait to hear!

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