Lovelies, we have an awesome new series starting up to finish up 2014, and I am thrilled to be debuting it today! Our new series is called "A Day in the Life Of..." and was inspired by my fellow Rookie Mom Whitney's amazing rundown of her working-mom-hood day. I've asked a ton of mama friends of mine from all walks of life to document their day and write about it! I'll be kicking it off with my day today, so stay tuned for all of the interesting variations in the days of motherhood. 

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 A Day in the Life Of: Olivia, a Work-at-Home-Mama of a 14 month old boy

Monday, November 3rd:

6:00 AM: Eric needs help finding his checkbook, so I wake up and and help him. Fall back asleep, sort of.

7:30: Weston wakes up next to me, I let him play in the bedroom while I check emails. Respond to a work email and receive a wonderful text from a friend who had her baby boy last night! Overjoyed for her and look at Weston and can’t believe how old he’s getting.

7:40-8:00: Head up to Eric’s studio and Weston strums his banjo with daddy.

8:00-8:04: Turn on PBS Kids, realize PBS has no volume, weird. Turn on Daniel Tiger on another channel. Put Weston in high chair. Get hard boiled eggs and avocados out. Give Weston some Rice Chex to eat. Turn on coffee maker and brew some delicious chocolate coffee.

8:04-8:18: Give Weston breakfast (Rice Chex, apple slices, hard boiled egg and avocado). Make half an avocado, 3 hard boiled eggs and an apple slice for myself.

8:18-8:25: Quickly eat breakfast and do some social media work for a client at my “office” (the kitchen table). Weston watches Daniel Tiger and eats.

8:26: Eric comes down from the studio to go to work. I send Lena Dunham Buzzfeed article to Sister. Weston starts throwing food on floor. He’s done.

8:44-8:48 Take garbage out and clean up breakfast. Weston plays in his little gated area and putters about.

8:48-8:50: Check email and respond to some posts in my online mom group. Decide we will get dressed and go out before the morning nap.

8:50-8:58: Sit at my “desk” (again, kitchen table) and pay some bills. Weston wanders over and tries to snatch checkbook.

8:58-9:05: We cuddle on the couch and watch opening sequence of Dinosaur Train.

9:05-9:23: Head upstairs; Weston now knows when I say “go up to Weston’s room!” to climb the stairs, and heads to his room. I’m impressed! Change his diaper and put him in jeans, a onesie, and a sweater. Socks and sneakers. I throw on the same outfit I wore yesterday, mostly because it matches and I’m too lazy to match another outfit. Contemplate throwing out all my clothes and only buying black and grey from now on.

9:31AM: Get diaper bag and my purse, head outside, and drive over to the shopping center close by so we can send mail and check out Carters and Buy Buy Baby for winter clothing. Get in car, Weston starts crying for a bottle (his normal nap time, pre-time change, was 10am, so this is throwing him!). Go in back seat, mix up a bottle, head back to front and drive off.

9:38AM: Get to stores, park, get stroller out; put baby and toy truck in stroller. Mail the bills. 

10:10 AM: Walk over to Buy Buy Baby and almost bought some mittens, but the line was too long. Handed our coupon over to a grandmother who looked like she was having fun shopping. Head over to Carters, try on some winter hats for Weston, but he pulls them all off, so no go on buying them!

10:22AM: Arrive home, bring him inside, and play his little banjo. Do some dancing. 

10:33AM: Veggie stick break! He throws his sippy cup on the ground while looking me right in the eye...time for a nap!

10:39AM: We attempt morning nap.

11:06: He passes out on my lap and I let him lie there for a while while I check work emails.

11:15: Head downstairs, wash bottles, check and respond to work emails.

11:35: Weston wakes up hysterically crying. Change diaper. Calm him down by holding him and walking around.

12:04: LUNCH! We both have hot dogs, avocado, and sweet potato.

12:40: I check my work email while Weston plays with the pots and pans.

12:45: We head upstairs to attempt the nap again…

2:12: Success! He’s finally asleep! I come downstairs, clean up the kitchen, switch the laundry, and make some graphics for a client.

3:30: He wakes up (good nap for him!). We get ready and head to my mother’s house so she can watch him while I tutor.

3:50: Arrive at my mom’s. We hang around there playing with the dog until 4:20. I leave for tutoring.

4:30: Hop in my car, go over to tutor until 5:45.

5:50: Head back to my mom’s house to get Weston. He’s already eaten dinner, yes! We hang around my mom’s house and chat for a bit. 

6:45: We arrive home. Eric’s already home!

6:55: Get Eric’s dinner ready...Weston is hungry again! Put him in highchair and give him some snacks.

7:09: I sit down to eat and check email.

7:45: Make Weston a bottle, change him into pajamas, and diaper change. Lie with him until he falls asleep.

8:30: Sit down at computer with cup of coffee from this morning...reheated for the 7th time. Get some work done on social media clients.

9:30: Feel totally burnt out on today. Finish up some work, do dishes, prep Weston’s night bottles, and head upstairs.

9:45: Watch Top Chef in bed until Weston wakes up at 11:00PM, take him into our room and pass out!

When I look back on this day, it feels like it wasn’t so much work...but in the moment, it’s crazy!


  1. Such a busy day! I am excited about this series, I love day in the life blog posts. You were brave to go out so close to his morning nap time - is Weston down to one nap a day? (Sorry if this posts twice!)

    1. Jessie--He naps twice a day still...but it all depends on the day, really. I think he's slowly outgrowing one nap, but I'm still pushing for 2!!

  2. I'm super excited for this series!!! Your day seems so busy!

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