After my post about boys and dolls (or "buddies" as some call them), I got a lot of questions about where we got Weston's doll; he doesn't have any other "doll accessories" as of yet, but I would love to get him some as he gets older! When I set out to look for some gender neutral doll accessories, it was incredibly frustrating and hard to do. So, I spent a little time, did a little research, and put together this list of gender neutral baby doll accessories. Not that there's anything wrong with pink, but my son should have his option of colors, as well. Most of the toys in this post are blue, but that's simply because the options out there right now are pink or blue, simple as that. I wanted to pick out toys which Weston, or a future daughter/niece/friend could play with as well! I'll definitely be buying some of these (uh, maybe not the super expensive strollers, but still...) for Weston in the next few years. 

1. Haba Steven Doll, $38; 2. Haba Lucas Doll, $35; 3. Haba Michael Doll, $28 (I did get this for Weston for this Christmas! Weston's doll in all the photos is the Graham doll found here); 4. Baby Blue Doll, $12; 5. Corolle Sky Baby Doll, $30; 6. Rosy Cheeks Baby Boy, $18
1. Mommy and Me Deluxe, White&Black, $50; 2. My First Jogger in Blue, $30; 3. Twin Stroller, $60; 4. Twin Stroller, $50; 5.  Umbrella Stroller, $20; 6. Umbrella Stroller, $17; 7. Multi-function stroller, $40; 8. Multi-function pram, $50
1. Diaper Bag, $15; 2. Moses Basket, $15; 3. Babydoll Ergo Carrier, $25; 4. Babydoll Snugglie, $13; 5. Babydoll Carseat, $60; 6. Corolle Bottle, Binky, and Bib Set, $10; 7. Doll Sippy Cups, $15; 8. Bottle and Juice, $13; 9. Hat and Booties, $9; 10. Doll booster seat, $30

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  1. Great roundup:) Going to use it to help me with holiday shopping:) And here's another gender-neutral doll (a vintage option) for the list -- -- My buddy dolls. My 2-year-old daughter has a hand-me-down buddy that was my brother's when he was a baby/tot back in the 1980s.