Today's "A Day in the Life of..." post comes from a long time internet friend of mine! I "met" Becky many years ago when I was wedding planning, and we've followed each other's stories since then. She's the mama to one adorable little girl with the best birthday ever (mine!). She's also an extraordinary event planner with her company Event Crush, and has a truly lovely wedding blog. You can find Event Crush on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

November 24th, 2014
5:30 am – Briefly wake up to a kiss goodbye from my husband, Andrew, before he heads off to work for the day. Roll over and hope to get a couple more hours of sleep.
6:30 am – wake up to Addy crying from her room. I go get her out of the crib and bring her in to bed and attempt to nurse her back to sleep so I can catch a few more zzz’s.
6:45 am – It’s no use, she’s up for the day. After changing her diaper we head out to the kitchen and begin our day. And to be honest – after waking up at around 5:00 am every day for at least a year, 6:30 is pretty dang awesome.
7:00 am – First stop: My glorious Keurig. I get my first cup of coffee for the day and try to find something for Addy to eat. Before I know it, she is pointing at the TV and saying “oh oh ah ah!”
7:15 am – I give in and put Curious George on for her. I am a huge pushover in the morning, apparently. While Addy is enthralled with “Georgie,” as we call him, I am able to get some work done on my laptop (checking emails, working on upcoming blog posts, etc).
7:30 am – Addy is signing “eat eat” so I get her some yogurt and some cereal, which she picks at.
8:00 am – Addy decides to take all of the pots and pans out of the kitchen cupboards and arranges them on the living room floor. She is pretty impressed with herself. I am able to get a few more things done on my computer while she is entertaining herself, which is awesome. She also tries to wear a heavy pot like a hat which does not go over well.
9:00 am – I’m on my last pair of contacts so I call my eye doctor and order new ones. I read a few books with Addy and then we head in to my bedroom so I can do some cleaning.
9:15 am - Addy enjoys emptying out the bathroom drawers and dispersing the contents throughout the bedroom. She finds some chap stick and puts it on her lips, just like mama. After her lips are completely covered, I attempt to take the chap stick away. Naturally, this is the end of the world and she throws a giant fit. I try to distract her and tell her it’s shower time (which she loves) but she continues to throw a fit anyway.
9:30 am – She finally calms down and agrees to get in the shower, where she is instantly happy again. Afterwards, I coax her in to her room to get dressed. I tell her to “pick out an outfit” but I end up choosing her clothes anyway. I throw something comfy on myself for the time being, along with my fuzzy slippers. We play in her room and then in the living room and before I know it Addy is signing “eat” again and again.
10:45 am – We head out to the kitchen to get something for lunch. I whip up some mac & cheese and she has a few bites before acting uninterested.  I offer her various other things but apparently she is no longer hungry.
11:00 am -  I tell Addy that we need to cut her nails because they’re getting long (really long… yikes). I get the nail scissors and put on Curious George in hopes that it will keep her attention. I expect her to put up a huge fight like usual, but I am able to cut all 10 finger nails with ease and without a peep from her.  I am super excited… this is NOT normal and usually it’s a huge struggle where I end up calling in reinforcements from Andrew.
11:15 am – Addy begins to act tired, so I take her in to my bed and see if she will nurse to sleep. As her eyes get droopy, I contemplate if I should take a rare nap with her or if I should get some work done. I decide on the latter – there’s just too much to do.
11:30 am – After Addy is sound asleep, I sneak out of the room and head for the kitchen. I brew another cup of coffee and sit down at the kitchen table with my laptop. Time to work!
1:30 pm – I look at the clock, and am super happy that Addy is taking such a long nap and I’m getting so much done.
1:45 pm – My mom gives me a call and we chat for about 15 minutes. She gives me a much-needed pep talk, which is nice because we’ve been going through some crazy stressful stuff in regard to buying our first home.
2:00 pm – Our real estate agent calls and gives me an update on a few things. We set up a viewing of another house for later in the week.
2:30 pm – Addy finally wakes up from her nap and comes stumbling out to the kitchen. We snuggle for a minute while she adjusts to being awake and I tell her that we are going to go grocery shopping soon.
2:45 pm – I get Addy dressed in an adorable little purple sweater dress and I realize I have a purple headband that matches perfectly. I figure it’s worth a shot, so I grab it and put it on her head… and she didn’t take it off! That’s a first. In fact, we got out the door and in to the car without it coming off.
3:00 pm – We arrive to Fred Meyer and grab a cart. Addy loves riding in the cart so we begin our shopping adventure on a good note. We only have a few things to get this week since we are leaving town mid-week for Thanksgiving with my family in Washington.
3:05 pm - As we head towards the food aisles, we pass the women’s clothing department and I can’t help but notice all of the “sale” signs. We make a brief detour and before I know it we are in the dressing room with an armful items. We emerge from the dressing room with two shirts and a skirt. I feel guilty but also am in dire need of a few new cute tops … plus we aren’t getting that much food anyway….so I justify it.
4:00 pm – After our shopping trip, we get home to see that daddy is already back from work. Yay! We are both excited to see him. Andrew helps me put away the groceries and Addy plays with blocks in the living room.

5:00 pm – We are all getting hungry so I put a pot of water on the stove to boil for spaghetti. While I’m waiting for the water to boil, I receive an email with the first drafts of my potential new logos for my business, Event Crush. I am SUPER nervous but also excited to see them (what if I hate them!?). I finally open the email and I really like one of them which is great, but there were several changes I wanted my designer to make. I show Andrew and email it to my mom as well to get their feedback. I decide I will think on it more and get back to her in the morning with the changes I’m wanting done.
5:15 pm – We enjoy our spaghetti and then Andrew heads off to coach volleyball practice. I put on some cartoons and me and Addy play in the living room.
7:00 pm – Around this time, something super weird started going on with my right eye. I tried to read a text message and had a hard time reading it, as if I had just looked in to a bright light or something. I realized I had a sort of “blind spot” in my eye. I immediately took out my contacts to see if that would help, but it didn’t. I put on my glasses and tried to stay calm but nothing like this had ever happened before so I started to freak out a little bit. I googled “blind spot in eye” which definitely didn’t help.
7:30 pm – Andrew gets home and he can tell that something is wrong. I tell him what’s going on and he tries to console me.  I tell him that I read “if you have any changes in vision you should consult a medical professional or go to the hospital asap” and that I’m scared… he tells me to try to stay calm and give it a little while to see if it goes away. I agree.
8:00 pm -  My weird eye thing seems to have passed, although now I have a gnarly headache. I take some Tylenol, and then I bring Addy in to her room for bed time. Thankfully she goes down without a problem. I am pretty sure the headache is a result of me being stressed out about my eye.
8:15 pm – I text my mom about my weird eye issue and she asks if I’ve been over-wearing my contacts. Yes. Yes I have. I decide that’s the explanation for this and I try to get some sleep to rest my eyes, which is not coming easy with a headache (plus I am not used to ever going to bed this early). Eventually I fall asleep and get some good rest!
(Side note: I haven’t had any eye issues since then! It was super weird though).

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