Lovelies, I have a very cool Day in the Life of post for you today! Jillian Darlington is the mom and mind behind the new app just for moms, MomCo! Launching this Monday (!!), the app is designed to help moms meet each other, find local deals, and branch out into the greater world. Jillian is an extremely hard working mama of one young son, and boy oh boy, she is going places...I can't wait to see what she creates next! 

A little more about the MomCo App (from their website): "The MomCo App connects moms with other moms in their community for friendship and support, based on proximity and common interests. It also helps them find the resources, products and services that they need. Moms can organize playdates, share and get support through the forum section, save money through exclusive local deals, and access local events. The MomCo app is also the perfect platform for any business or service provider that caters to women and children to list themselves where their target demographic can easily find them."

My name is Jillian Darlington. I am an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of the MomCo app, and
the single mom of 7 year old Taylor. My life is 24/7 and a little nuts. I do not recommend this to
anyone who has an alternative and respect for their sanity. For me, there is none. Failure is not
an option. Not being a full time single mom is not an option. Most days I can handle my crazy
lifestyle. Somedays I end up in tears from shear exhaustion. But every day I get out of bed and
just go. I also found out Sunday night that my episode of Millionaire Matchmaker is airing so my
life, MomCo app development, and our marketing campaign have been thrown into hyper drive.

Here is an average day in my existence:


6:51am: Alarm goes off. Get up, get Taylor a Zbar and juice, make his lunch, pack his backpack and at 7:25am, it’s off to school

8am: get home from drop off. Check pilates schedule, send some emails, call my COO Beth and map out work schedule for the week

8:20am: publish my “Mom on a Mission” blog and share it on all my social media. I featured Kristen Helms, she is a very successful blogger here in San Diego and she just launched a online women’s magazine called “Tribe”. She totally rocks.

9:20am: get off the phone with my Tech team and email my lawyers. Clearly not making it to Pilates today.

10am: Finally had a shower. Time to build an Ikea desk for my office. I build it without incident while listening to an interview with Oren Klaff. I am currently reading his book: Pitch Anything

12pm: I record an interview with Erin Smith. She is an entrepreneur in Texas and she is documenting my life as well as 9 other entrepreneurs that are launching startups, via her podcast show for the next year.

12:50pm: My door bell rings while I’m still talking with Erin. It’s Carly from Car’s Jars. She is delivering my wonderful and healthy salads for the week. Having these salads in my fridge keeps me from eating junk. They are easy and yummy so I eat them instead of hands full of Pirate Booty.

1pm: My COO Beth arrives and we hunker down in the office to get down to some serious work. So much to figure out and fast. Crazy!

1:55pm: Go grab Taylor from school.

2:30pm: Back home. Taylor is happy and playing. I hunker back down in the office with Beth and it’s back to work. We work until about 6. Mean while I’m making snacks and making sure Taylor is happy. No way I could have done all this with a toddler. Now that he is 7, I can actually get stuff done while he is home. THANK GOD.

6:30: Beth leaves and I realize that I had forgotten to put Taylor’s fish sticks in the oven 20 minutes prior. Taylor is soooooooo hungry, according to him so I make him a sandwich while I prepare the rest of his dinner. Surprisingly he still eats all of it, even after the sandwich appetizer.

7:30pm: Taylor and I play two games on Candyland. He murders me both times. That makes his day. I didn’t let him win either. I am unbeatable at Trouble but this kid rules Memory and Candyland.

8pm: Shower for the kiddo followed by reading. He reads me a book and then I read him one. I fetch me some water for him and he is done for the day.

8:35pm: I email Jessica Alba and The Honest Company about a partnership with them and the MomCo App.

9pm: I am done working for the day. I turn on E!News and try to turn my brain off. That lasts for about 12 minutes. I start texting with a friend about pitching. He is a male and obviously thinks cause he has a penis, that he can “help me." After clearly schooling him on my skills, I shove my phone under the pillow next to me and fall fast asleep by 11:30pm.


  1. What an AMAZING day! WOW! You email Jessica Alba before going to bed?! What a blessing!!!!!!

  2. Your a real super mom and a great influence to us all!