As Weston gets more and more into books, I get more and more excited to introduce new books to him. When I was sent a review copy of A is for Artisanal: An Alphabet Book for the Hip, Modern Baby, I was beyond thrilled. And, upon opening the book, I couldn't get over how incredibly smart, witty, adorable, and humorous it was! A is for Artisanal is written by Matthew Goldenberg and illustrated by Benjamin Schwartz. When Goldenberg, a practicing psychologist at Yale, started spending time with his brother's new baby, Ava (see: A is for...), in the yuppie/hipster area of Park Slope, the idea of the book, which is a take on modern parenthood and childhood, came to him. Illustrated beautifully and playfully by Schwartz, who draws for the New Yorker, this book is sure to become the next big baby shower gift! I mean, I can't help but love the book...because O is for Olivia!

I have to say, before I even read the book to Weston, I read it about five times myself. As a pop-culture junkie, I love all the references to movies, TV, radio, technology, and all the new popular baby names. I'm telling you, check out A is for Artisanal and you can't help but smile!

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