Jenny and I have this long standing tradition of getting each other jewelry with our current catch phrases engraved into it. One birthday, I even got Jenny a necklace made with the color hex-code for this website. Anyway, point being: we use Etsy a lot for each other, and this year is no exception. I scoured Etsy for my favorite sister gifts, but these could also apply to your best friend/mom/mother-in-law and any lucky lady in your life!

You're My Person Bracelet, $16
Vintage fork cheese markers, $24

Big gold arrow earrings, $24
Pride and Prejudice iPhone Docking Station, $54
Wooden dino necklace, $37
Not all who wonder are lost letterpress necklace, $46
A Horoscope Necklace (more if you click through!), $26
The Shield Clutch in Red, $65
Amanda Catherine Designs' Pencils, $12
Grecian Gold Metal Headband (because, why not?), $55
Tiny Silver Diamond Stud Earrings, $30
Yarn Bowl, $36
Personalized Secret Message in Tree Necklace, $29

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