Lovelies, it is no secret that Weston and I are huge fans of The Sandbox Playspace in Huntington. From the classic wooden toys, to the mama-interaction-time, to the wonderful owners, we love spending our days at The Sandbox playing, hanging, learning, and loving life. The Sandbox has become our second home in town, where we land after a long day of errands or meetings. And now, I am so excited to announce that The Sandbox has opened up their own Toyshop! Owners, Toni and Rob, hand picked each and every toy that they sell, and I can tell you from experience, that the toys are beyond gorgeous and would make amazing holiday gifts. Not to mention that The Sandbox is now selling gift cards! What's a better gift than the gift of play (and uh, of mama hanging out with other mama time!)?! Sandbox gift cards would make a perfect first birthday gift, stocking stuffer, or even baby shower present!

I am thrilled to have Toni here today on Lovely to share some words about their new Toyshop, the importance of play, and how critical it is for parents to have a safe mental space to go to; thanks for sharing, Toni!

Childhood is new territory these days. Life can feel rushed, noisy & high-tech and it's easy to feel pretty disconnected from the natural world.

We wanted to offer toys to counterbalance the speed of life and to honor childhood. Toys that truly value play, slowing down, being in the "now". Toys that encourage making time and space for imagination and creativity. We wanted toys that will become beloved and last a long time. 

Wooden toys inspire the senses. The smoothness of wood and it's weight and coolness feels so good in a baby's hand as she begins to discover her tactile senses and explore grasping, clutching and coordination. Plus, our toymakers use only the highest quality, sustainably harvested wood and completely natural, non-toxic dyes, paints and finishes so wood toys can double as teethers and you don't have to panic when they go straight in the mouth. 

For bigger little ones, there is magic in watching a hand-carved horse become real. We treasure watching our own boys dig deep into playing. We love when they are talking in high little voices and forgetting about the real world around them. They don't know it, but as they flex their little "imaginary muscles", they are actually practicing creative, critical, flexible thinking- the kind of thinking which will serve them through their entire lives.

We like toys which stick around and remain loved for the long haul. Blocks, a ukulele, puzzles, a spinning top, a sweet, soft doll - they chisel a place in your heart and they teach children that some things in life are very special and not disposable.

And, if you are looking for the gift of togetherness, a gift card to the Sandbox is perfect under the tree. (E-gift cards for sale or call (631) 421-1600 or drop in to purchase a classic gift card) - A great suggestion for the uncle who might otherwise choose a dancing plastic chicken who squeaks "The Macarena" on repeat. 

Also, a perfect stocking stuffers, gift cards are available in any amount and can be used for a Sandbox Play Membership, Play Package, Open Play Visit, or for merchandise.

So, as the harsh days of winter approach you will have a cozy clubhouse to come and play together. Your sanity might just depend on it.

You have more than enough time before Christmas to stop in and stock up on toys which will become family heirlooms! Hope to see you there!

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