Here's the thing, the trick to these activities I'm posting is that they shouldn't take longer than your kid can play in the bath tub...which brings me to today's activity: Clean Out That Medicine Cabinet! Often while Weston plays in the tub, I wipe down the bathroom and put away the hair brush, toothpaste, etc. However, I hate to admit that I haven't cleaned OUT the medicine forever? I think there's still some gestational diabetes gear in there (ugh, horrible, bye forever)!

So, while you bathe the little ones today or tonight, zip open the medicine cabinet doors and throw away old medicine, organize hairbands, replace toothbrushes...get it cleaned out for the New Year! I guarantee if you clean it out, next time you open it to find the thermometer in the middle of the night, even though you have baby puke all over you, knowing your cabinet is clean will bring some sense of calm...or something.

PS. Did you accomplish Activity #1 and #2?

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