Today's activity is one you can do in your spare time over the weekend; this could be as simple as when you're getting dressed, you complete this activity! I've been reading this amazing book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and it's totally revamped my thought process for keeping "stuff" and clothing in my house. The author's whole premise is that you shouldn't have anything in your house which doesn't bring you joy. She has a whole chapter on organizing clothing, and breaks it way down into minute categories. It was extremely helpful and I learned a ton! I love how she talks about clothing having energy and giving you energy. That being said, last week I was ruthless with my clothing and got rid of 3/4 of what I own. Seriously. I only kept clothing which makes me feel good about myself!

So, this weekend, go through your clothes and pick out 10 pieces of clothing you either don't wear anymore, or don't make you feel good about yourself! Be realistic: what DO you wear? What makes you feel good? Don't overwhelm yourself, just pick out 10 pieces, put them in a bag, stick that bag in the car, and drop it at the thrift shop this week!

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