Lovelies, it's been some time since I've posted, and I am sorry! I'm in the midst of planning a major event in Huntington (more to come on that!), and starting my own business (also, more to come!). Meanwhile, I thought I would share the simple pleasures in my life as of late...what little things are making you happy?

1. The Brockhurst File by Lynne Kramer and Jane Mincer Dillof: Alright, so I may be biased here because my Aunt Jane published a book (jealous!), but this is a wonderful, meaty, mysterious look into the world and escapades of wealthy families dealing with divorce. Not only are the characters people you come to love (especially Lucy, the tough as nails main character), but I actually learned some matrimonial law while reading this! It's a perfect rainy day read, or wonderful for a plane ride, since it takes you on a crazy journey and it's hard to put it down.

2. Nutri Ninja: So, I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, but recently it's been a chore to eat veggies. I just don't have time to cook and eat them right now! So, when Jenny and Andrey picked up the Nutri Ninja and made me a smoothie, I was amazed with how easy it was to make and clean up. Sold! My parents bought me one as a very early birthday present, and I've been making spinach and berry smoothies every morning. Love it!

3. Hanna Andersson slippers: This is really only for the short women in the world, but, I bought these no-slip, leather bottom slippers for Weston, and when I was reading reviews, someone claimed to be my height (short), and shoe size (small), and wore these in the biggest size (for teens?). I asked my dad for a pair (the ones pictured) for Christmas, and I have been wearing them non-stop. I'm going to ask for another pair for my birthday! (PS. I'm a shoe size 5.5 and wear their biggest size in this, 3Y-5Y--they have so many colors to pick from!)

4. Raffi in Concert DVD: Three Raffi concerts, one DVD. Gives mama time to drink a little coffee in the morning. God loves Baby Beluga. Enough said. (Though, seriously: Weston's speech has improved ten-fold from watching and playing along to these songs over and over and over and over!).

5. Andy Cohen's book: When I finally climb into bed at night, all I want to do is read something light (right now), and this book fits that category. As a Bravo TV fan, and pop culture fan, I am truly getting a kick out of this book.

6. Poppin Desk Set: For Christmas, my lovely husband surprised me with a gorgeous desk set to match my website colors (desk being the kitchen table). I adore this set, and it makes me smile every time I sit down to work.

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